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Asking and Abundance - The Story of Our Jericho

One year ago today, July 1st, we moved into our home, Jericho. Tonight we sat at the table and discussed some of our favorite memories from the past year here. After reminiscing, Eva Grace and I went to the porch. As soon as we opened the door, a deer ran past. We've seen a few deer here before, but tonight, this one stayed around about a half hour. I've never seen one behave this way. It wasn't scared, but peaceful. It came pretty close to us and just lounged around, casually grazing and enjoying our front yard. Eva Grace and Isaac decided to try to slowly walk towards it and as they did, I felt His arm around me and He took me back many years to that beautiful moment where my four year old self unknowingly caught a glimpse of the wonder and awe of God.
Momma was on the porch and Daddy was (thankfully) filming this moment. They had Kris and Rita blaring and I was in our front yard doing my best Rita Coolidge impression, dancing and singing with my polka dot dress, big flo…

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