Best Birthday Ever

Little Isaac is almost 4 weeks old already. All of the fears and worries I had on the 16th were shushed and sent away on the 17th. I woke up with such a peace and excitement. It was a far cry from the worrisome momma I was the night before. It's amazing how prayer will do that to you! Isaac's birthday was one of the best days of my life. Every prayer I uttered and every prayer my heart prayed without me knowing, was answered. We were spared from what could have been a horrible event. Isaac's umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck four times. I'm so grateful we scheduled the surgery for that day. I shudder to think what could have happened if we would have waited.

The actual experience was drastically different from Eva Grace's birth. My reaction to the spinal was less severe since I knew what to expect. I knew I needed to choose my first words to him carefully since I've regretted my first words to her since I uttered them. "Get her away from me. I'm going to puke on her!" I mustered through the nausea and enjoyed those first few precious moments with my son. Fortunately, we were all able to spend quality time with him shortly after his birth. The nurses and Josh took him back to our room to finish the required tests and I followed as soon as I was finished with post-surgery. He did not leave our side after that unless it was for a quick doctor's visit or in the wee hours of the morning so we could have peace of mind while we slept.

God took care of every detail. I was worried about scheduling his birthday on my birthday. I was afraid it was a selfish decision. It turns out it didn't matter what I thought. I began to experience true labor pains once we were admitted and after we found out about his umbilical cord, I felt like we were supposed to be there regardless. Us scheduling it for that day was just a way to ensure all of the key players would be there!

I wanted to see Eva Grace's reaction to seeing her new brother. If things would've gone the way they did with her birth, she would've seen him through a window while I was still in the operating room. The hospital's new policies enabled me to be able to see her reaction to him since the whole family was allowed in the room with us once we ok'd it.

I was dreadfully fearful of the nurses coming to push on my belly to help shrink my uterus. I don't remember a lot about Eva Grace's birth, but I remember that pain. It's like none I'd ever experienced. Fortunately, the nurse performed that first painful push while I was still in the operating room and completely numb. I didn't feel a thing!

Isaac's entire life from the beginning stages of pregnancy until now, has been a testament to God's provision, protection, and love for my family. He assured us the baby would be ok when we had a scare. He took care of my blood pressure towards the end. He brought that baby into the world safely and even cared enough to listen to my silly requests. I am a blessed woman and I'm trying to remember His provision and love daily. It goes without saying though that I am a slow learner...

 On our way to meet Isaac!

And here he is!

Momma's first look at her precious boy! 

 Proud Momma and Daddy!

Eva Grace's first look at her baby brother! 


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