It's been quite sometime. Can I blame it on the last post and just say I've been busy with parenting issues? It wouldn't be a lie!

Summer is officially here! We kicked it off to a great start at the beach with my mom, sister, nephew, and best friend and her daughter. It was a packed condo, but completely worth it! It was a wonderful 10 days!

Since then we've been experimenting with crafts, celebrating father's day and swimming at the pool!

Isaac's personality is changing every day. He is definitely a happy kid (even when he has three teeth coming in simultaneously!)

Eva Grace is spreading her wings and adjusting to 4 1/2. Her creativity expands exponentially every day. She's constantly coming up with new words and new adventures for her toys to go on.

We are blessed!

Beach Time!

Happy Father's Day!

It took a couple of shots, but...



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