Trying not to blink

Isaac's development seems to have gone into overdrive over the past few weeks. He now has 3 1/2 teeth, kisses, crawls, pulls up, says Mommy, Daddy, Archie (a dog), and he's even been saying Eva (E-na), and Isaac. It is the cutest thing ever!

The kids are starting to really interact with each other which is heartwarming and ... LOUD. :)  They get each other giggling, which turns to laughing, then belly laughing, then screaming. I wouldn't trade anything for it though.

We took Eva Grace back to school shopping yesterday. It hit me in the dressing room that this was the first time she's ever really gone shopping. She usually just gets her clothes from hand me downs. (Thank you, Lord!) Needless to say, she loved it. She kept asking if she could put on a 'show' in the dressing room. It seems to me she does wherever she goes! She picked out her first book bag, too, a cute butterfly one. I'm sure it will be one of a kind. It's hard to believe in a few short weeks, she'll be starting Pre-K. I'm going to try to not blink. I know if I do then they'll both be in high school...


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