Christmas is Tomorrow...and the next day...and the day after

The paper has come off. The bows are thrown away. The presents are all opened, and mostly...forgotten.

There was something about this Christmas that just Maybe it was the sweet Sandy Hook children and staff. Maybe it was the late start to Christmas Break. More of my time was spent rushing to prepare, that when it finally came, the moments of celebration, new traditions, and joy...all I did was sleep and anxiously wait for the time when I could finally pack it all back up, (which was today.)

I heard of an 11 year old boy who asked only to give 500 cards to Sandy Hook. So his parents gave him that as his gift. They took their family on a trip and let their little boy deliver his cards. Now THAT is an unforgettable Christmas.

What did I do? I stressed. I spent WAY too much money. I griped. I worried. I tried to make this Christmas as perfect and magical as Mother Grace's Christmas from my childhood. And what was the most magical part for me? Tonight, after all the decorations were put away, I got off my wallowing rear, put both kids in the bath and allowed them to scream and splash with Momma to their hearts' content.

I just think we're missing the point.

I think we're missing the point of Christmas and I think I, as a Christian, am missing the point of Christianity. I get so hung up on, "What did Jesus really mean when He said this?" and "Am I still ok? Did I really mess up big this time?"

One of the gifts I received this year, "The Harbinger" by Jonathan Cahn, is already having an impact on my thinking. As I was reading this last night and watching Jesus of Nazareth with Josh, I began to think of what He would say if He were to show up now. I think He'd be talking more to His followers than to anyone else. I can hear Him telling me to WAKE UP! It is not about pointing out the faults of others and determining their right and wrong, but understanding the need to ask His help in learning my own right and wrong. If we all did this...can you imagine? If we all just lent a hand when it was obvious that people needed it and continuously searched His righteousness in our own lives, demanding it for ourselves? Admitting when we relinquish to our human side and make an effort to try not to mess up again?

Eva Grace is constantly asking me when she will be a grown up. I keep trying to get her to understand that it is not the glamor she thinks it is. I think I've finally gotten her to realize that being a grown up does not mean getting to do whatever you want when you want. In order to have a certain outcome, you must put in the necessary actions beforehand. I would love to have an immaculate home, well raised children, wonderful home cooked meals and never have to go to the grocery store or change the channel from HGTV. However, these things will not happen. Have we forgotten this? Do we I think that I can run around before Christmas, anxiously preparing for the materialistic Christmas and then miraculously expect the magic of His Spirit on Christmas morning, when I've not prepared for it at all? If I spend my time, energy and money on this world, isn't that what I will receive? God has showed me over the years (I keep forgetting), but He will be as big as I expect Him to be. I watched that movie last night and saw a human have an encounter with Jesus. I continually wonder, how did someone meet Jesus face to face, and then turn away and return to their normal life, knowing they would never see Him again? It hit me last night, I do this every day. I have the opportunity to converse with Him, to celebrate His spirit, to ask for His guidance and I spend my time complaining, rushing around yelling about my own independence, "I don't need help!" When I make myself just STOP and acknowledge His presence, admit I DO need help...

My prayer for myself is to realize that yes, Christ has been born. He had a birthday, a death day, and a resurrection. Fortunately for me, Christmas is not simply December 25th. The tree is down, the stockings are put up, but my prayer is that I will continue to live my life within the knowledge that He is STILL alive.

So be it December, April, June, or August, it will always be a Merry Christmas.


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