What Goes Around...

I was listening to Nat sing "The Christmas Song" on the way home this afternoon. I told Eva Grace it was Mother Grace's (my grandmother and favorite person God ever made...well...at least, one of them) favorite Christmas song. She replied, "Who is Mother Grace?"

How do I explain the impact and legacy of the one and only Mother Grace? I began to tell my daughter the stories of how I grew up next door to this amazing woman. How we would spend every Christmas Eve at her house, making gingerbread houses, swinging at pinatas, opening stockings, placing baby Jesus in the manager and gazing at her angel filled Christmas tree. I tried to explain the summers filled with endless hours in the pool, sneaking past that point in the pool where I was allowed to swim, sliding down the slide, jumping off the diving board while the adults played countless hours of competitive Canasta, the distinctive taste of her sweet, sweet tea.

Life is bittersweet. I miss Mother Grace and Daddy every day. I'd give anything for them to be here and to see them interact with my kids. I am learning that now it is my job...my privilege and joy to provide treasured memories like the ones by the pool at Mother Grace's for my children and their children.

Yet another reminder to live in the moment.


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